Mobile Phone and Tablet Recycling

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Mobile Phone and Tablet Recycling

Refrigerators, televisions, microwaves, washing machines and small appliances are devices that you use until they stop working. However, in the case of mobile technology, like phones and tablets, you shift from one device to another almost every year. But what they do you do with old phones and tablets? Well, we all know, stick them in the drawer of random stuff. That "just in case" occasion will never come. Mobile phones and tablets are made of materials like gold, lithium and rare earth metals that wreck the earth when extracted. So, it is important to send those materials back for re-use. Also, mobile devices have chemicals that when end up in the landfill are toxic to the environment. Mobile phone and tablet recycling is one of the secure and wise tips to dispose of old phones and tablets that are no longer in use. Moreover, mobile phone recycling is an action towards the safety of the environment reducing your carbon footprint. 

Recycle Old Phones and Tablets

People tend to switch or upgrade their mobile phones and tablets pretty often. Eventually, that brings them to a decision to get rid of the old mobile phones. The suitable suggestion to get away with old mobile phones and tablets is to submit them to the mobile phone recycling UK centres. Your old cell phones and tablets contain useful elements that these recycling experts can reuse. On the other hand, they also contain sensitive and dangerous materials like lead, mercury, cadmium, etc. that can affect soil, air, and water and can also become the means of pollution. IT Recycle helps recycle old tablets and phones for cash.  

Recycle My Phone and Tablet

Recycling your phone and tablet is a helping yet a smart move to opt for. Recycling mobile devices can help save energy and the environment. It is also one of the safest and trusted procedures, so for this reason, a lot of renowned brands recycle phones and tablets. Unfortunately, it is not in action frequently as it is not widely known by people. We at IT Recycle, make people aware that recycling phones and even tablets exist by offering recycle phone for cash as well as recycle old tablets for money. 

Where Can I Recycle My Phone Or Tablet?

If a question pops up in your head, ‘where to get rid of old phone appropriately?’ or ‘where to recycle my iPhone?’ then, you’ve landed in the right place. IT Recycle provides you with reliable services to recycle your phone and tablet. So, the next time when you get a new phone or tablet, do not discard it in a junkyard or toss it in the drawer for the dust to take it up. Rather contact IT Recycle service providers and donate them for recycling. Our experts check your phone or tablet and distrust all the data if found and make the best use of it by reusing the parts. So, feel free to donate your mobile phones or tablets to us, and we ensure secure procedures and measures to recycle tablets and phones. 

How Our Tablet and Mobile Recycle Process Works?

We offer to recycle old mobile phones and tablets for cash as well as offer mobile phone recycling comparison to help you get the right price. 

Fill out the online form with your name, email address and your message on what you want to recycle, phones or tablets. We will get in touch with you. Alternatively, you can drop off your phones or tablets at IT Recycle centre to recycle old cell phones. 

Removing and Recycling Components

Phones and tablets have some recoverable parts such as screens, cameras, circuit boards, memory disc and speakers can be reused. These components are high-value items along with certain metals. These components are recycled and reused, thus bringing value to old mobile phones. We recycle old phones by recovering these components. 

Safely Dispose of Batteries

Batteries are hazardous items too that just can’t be thrown into the landfill. These need to be recycled responsibly, reducing the risk of harm to the environment and humans. Our experts check if they can be reused, and if not, then dispose them off appropriately in our certified phone and tablet recycling facility. 

Contact IT Recycle today to ensure that you leave your technology in trusted hands for every step of the phone recycle process, from data destruction through to the final eco-friendly disposal. We are your mobile phone recycling near me and tablet recycling near me centre in the UK.