Data Destruction

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Data Destruction

Data is a priceless commodity that we all rely on every hour of the working day for smooth business operations. Throughout its lifespan great care is taken to protect the security and integrity of data. However, one of the most important aspects of data security is the management of data which reaches the end of its lifespan. Hard drives, mobile devices, laptops and servers will all become outdated and pass into disuse at one point or another, and how data destruction is handled is important. If you fail data destruction of your information it can be crawled and can lead to serious breaches into information, data security, privacy, added cost, etc.

How data destruction happens?

When it comes to the data destruction process there are selected or limited ways organizations consider. There are three basic ways of data destruction. Overwriting – This option helps remove the residual data that remains on storage even after attempts erase. The data is overwritten several times by random sequences so that it is not recovered, even with the most sophisticated tools. This method allows the data storage device to be repurposed or redeployed. However, this works only if storage media is not damaged and still writeable. 


Degaussing – This option of data destruction removes the magnetic field of a storage disc or device. It is done using a device known as degausser. It erases the magnetic field of the storage media, leaving it physically intact but rendering it useless for future use.


Physical Destruction – This option completely dismantles and destroys the storage device, leaving nothing behind. Physical destruction method provides the highest assurance of absolute data destruction. 

Secure Data Destruction

The three basic data destruction services provided by the companies are overwriting, degaussing, and shredding. The three of them are deemed as secure data destruction, but have their perks and drawbacks.

Which is a secure data destruction process?

If you are looking for a safe and secure data destruction services, copywriting is the best. It is a type of replacement for the old information. It is important to transport the storage media for the destruction of data in degaussing and shredding as it is practiced physically. Having the idea of how three of them work degaussing is one of the least secure data destruction processes. As per the experts, the most efficient way is to destroy the data physically as it is a secure process.

Data Destruction Services

If you are looking for the data destruction services near me in the UK, then IT Recycle is the one to choose. We offer onsite data destruction as well as offsite data destruction services. All the data, whether it is your computer hard drive, phones data, or other business data is destructed safely and securely in our state-of-the-art secure recycling centre. 

Looking for data destruction services?

There are various organizations providing data destruction in the UK. But you need to be careful while choosing the service providers because it is one of the processes that ask for a lot of trust. If you are looking for such a service provider that can help with confidential data destruction process and that you can trust upon, then IT Recycle provides you with that.  We cater to all data destruction processes providing you peace of mind. The next time when you search for secure data destruction near me, choose us.