Environmental and Social Impact of Mobile phones

Environmental and Social Impact of Mobile phones

Researchers have found that smartphones and data centres are causing damage to the environment.  Building a phone utilizes various irreplaceable elements of nature like gold, lithium, etc. Whenever a new phone comes on the market, people switch their old phones without recycling the old ones. This creates unsustainability in nature and disturbs the ecosystem. Researchers … Read more

Server Recycling Made Simple: What You Need to Know

Server recycling

In this advanced world of technology, it is becoming more and more important that businesses should work towards reducing sensitive leaks of their important data. Lowering the weak spots of the security of your business must be your first and foremost priority. There are many options available to you which you can implement for making … Read more

Importance of Laptop Recycling

Importance of Laptop Recycling

If you are considering buying a new laptop, then you also have to get rid of the old one. Technology leaders are offering innovations every year for tech-savvy consumers with products having a high-performance processor, larger display, efficient power management, robust integrated GPU and large battery power for meeting each person’s professional expectations. While getting … Read more

The Benefits of Laptop Recycling – IT Recycle UK


Are you planning to upgrade your laptop/? If yes, you will probably want to get rid of the old laptop that you have. It is a fact that technology continues to improve at a higher rate, and better models are being released every day. So, if you are regularly keeping up with the new technology, … Read more

Old IT Equipment Recycling – Saviour of the World

Computer Recycling company in edinburgh

A few years from now we all will be facing this situation where heaps of electronic garbage surround us more than any other waste. Many of the electronic goods that we use reach their life span and certainly have to be disposed of, in such situations most people tend to throw them in the trash … Read more

Advantages Of Laptop Recycling in 2021

Advantages of Laptop Recycling

Advantages Of Laptop Recycling in 2021 Every year different types of laptops of different companies or brands along with new innovations come into the market and with high-performance processors, larger displays, faster ram, a strong integrated GPU, and enough battery strength to meet the users’ expectations. Yes, this is clear that new machines with innovations … Read more

Why Dealing With A Reliable Computer Recycling Company Is Important?

Why Dealing With A Reliable Computer Recycling Company Is Important? Dealing with the most reliable computer recycling company is so important nowadays. In Edinburgh, it is one of the fundamental things to do. Now lots of people started to get influenced after spreading much information about computer recycling. The expanding request and utilization of PCs … Read more

Get Rid of Electrical Equipment Without Any Loss

Get Rid of electrical equipments

Get Rid of Electrical Equipment Without Any Loss Technology is not leaving any chances to invent revolutionary devices every single day. We have entered such an advanced world where imaginations are changing into realities. Before we talk more in favor of technology, it’d be great if you keep this thing in mind that everything has … Read more

Easy Ways to Dispose off Electrical Equipment in the UK

dispose of electrical equipment

Easy Ways to Dispose of Electrical Equipment in the UK Being a part of this progressive world sounds good, but if you’re not making the smart moves, then things can go wrong. Scientists are introducing us to futuristic devices every single day. So why live an old-fashioned lifestyle. If you want to entertain yourself with … Read more