Environment Safe ways to say goodbye to your old printers

Environment Safe ways to say goodbye to your old printers

“When you put the whole picture together, recycling is the right thing to do.”-Pam Shoemaker 

What do you do when the fax machine in your office does not meet your needs? Well, you may probably throw it away. Same as it, fax machines, other electronic devices used in workplaces are also thrown away when they are old and of no use. Have you ever thought of disposing of e-waste sustainably? If not, then this is the need of the hour to save the planet. Businesses, organizations, and everyone needs to understand how to dispose of electronic products safely.

So let’s understand how you can dispose of an old printer in safer ways.

By knowing a few safe ways to dispose of your old printer means you are protecting nature from hazardous effects. Getting rid of an old printer by throwing it away means mixing the harmful cartridges of the printer with the environment. There are strict laws regarding environmental safety when it comes to disposing of e-waste. printers have some substances in it like mercury, lead which can damage the environment.

What happens when you throw away electronic gadgets?

When you throw away the gadgets as garbage in the dustbin, it is either carbonized or goes into the landfill. After throwing it into the garbage without removing the harmful components, it can spoil the ecosystem, water supplies, etc. In both cases, incineration and landfilling, the disposing process causes harm to the environment. If the printer you threw in the garbage goes for incineration, it will pollute nature as the toxic gases will mix up in the environment. If it goes into the landfill, it will contaminate the soil.

Before disposing of it, you have to remove a few components or best if you can recycle them. You can donate the printer if it is in better condition but be mindful of putting it on factory default settings.

Do some minor preparations for recycling your old printer

You can recycle your old printer as this is the best environmentally sustainable thing to do. The first thing to do is to check the parts that are in good condition such as cables. These cables can be refurbished or used with any other device. Next, you can send the ink cartridges for recycling as it has a different recycling process. Rather than throwing out in open is not environmentally safe so, you can remove the components.


When the printer is recycled, it is examined whether the printers are in good condition. Then disassembling takes place in which the parts are cleaned. This step is followed by the separation of recyclable and non-recyclable components. The ink cartridges are harmful so, their recycling process is different.


Recycling the old printers is the best way to dispose of the e-waste. You can drop your printers at certain locations where communities collect the e-waste to recycle them. Disposing of printers without considering environmental safety is illegal. Businesses and Tech companies can look for recycling centres to get rid of the old printer.


Donating the printers to some charity or you can even think of selling the printers. With this, you can make some bucks and even help others with your printer. if printers are disposed of improperly, it has adverse effects on the environment. You can go and look out for some recycling programs and try to make your team and associates understand the asset management protocols.

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