Importance of Laptop Recycling

Importance of Laptop Recycling

If you are considering buying a new laptop, then you also have to get rid of the old one. Technology leaders are offering innovations every year for tech-savvy consumers with products having a high-performance processor, larger display, efficient power management, robust integrated GPU and large battery power for meeting each person’s professional expectations. While getting your new product with the latest innovations, you have to do away with your old laptop. If you want to know how you can benefit from recycling my laptop, you must learn about the importance of laptop recycling.

 You buy new laptops as you know that the new laptop delivers more and things will only get better with you using the latest technology with new machines. You must know why you should know the benefits of disposing of the laptops responsibly. While you may feel it easier to trash the laptops to get rid of them, you will realize that the end result from such an activity is not likely to be helpful.

Why must you recycle old laptops?

You will be surprised to find out that recycling 1 million laptops can save energy that can sufficiently power more than 3,500 homes per year (Environmental Protection Agency data).

Apart from this, the technology industry is recognizing the faster growth of electronic devices. There is a demand for the development of a new way to handle and dispose of e-waste. The handling of electronic waste varies widely across the globe. If you truly care about the energy efficiency of the ecosystem, you can make a significant difference. It is not the companies that require thinking about the most cost-friendly and cost-effective ways of computer recycling and care about the environment; but it is also the individuals that need to think about the same.

65 % of the waste and up in the landfills of the developing countries. And women and children pick up the waste with their bare hands. This way they compromise their health and safety in many ways. That is why in many of the developing countries, several recycling companies have adopted the waste to energy technology that will burn the electronic waste to generate electricity.

Electronics are quite heavier than ordinary waste and have an array of chemicals necessary for their operation. E-waste comprises components and elements that will prove harmful to the environment. It includes heavy metals like mercury which is highly detrimental to the well being of every individual.

The problems of waste to energy plants

Though, it is a common understanding that e-waste recycling is good, however, it is harder to process the e-waste. In other words, e-waste recycling can be more complicated than your typical junk. The waste-to-energy plants adopt cheap ways to send the e-waste to the so-called green landfill. However, they do not actually do much. On the other hand, having a 30% to 55% recovery rate can be there with the use of licensed e-waste recycling plants.

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