How Can Your Business Sustainably Manage Waste?

How Can Your Business Sustainably Manage Waste?

How Can Your Business Sustainably Manage Waste?

Despite being the top waste producers in the UK, most businesses don’t have an environmental sustainability plan in place. A survey conducted by recycling group Suez revealed that about 64% of 1,000 UK businesses have no plan to reduce their environment impact. This stance is a major concern, given that between two-thirds and three-quarters of waste in recycling centres and landfills stem from companies.

The absence of sustainability plans may seem convenient at the present, but it can cause serious consequences for the future of the environment. If you want your business to manage waste responsibly, here’s how you can start:

Implement a tracking system

Companies can overlook numerous processes, which is why waste output monitoring often gets brushed under the rug. Recognising that waste monitoring may be too complex for many businesses, digital systems have been created to simplify this process.

In fact, the Department for the Environment, Farming, and Rural Affairs is supporting businesses in waste management by implementing mandatory digital waste tracking consultations. This initiative will educate businesses on the benefits of using waste tracking systems and promote transparency of waste management practices within the sector. Businesses can also invest in specialised waste tracking systems that are more suitable to their needs, which will allow them to overcome key challenges in their organisation’s waste management.

Use digital documents

Though the information they contain may be important, paper documents, company mail, and business cards often get discarded because they take up so much space. Thanks to the advent of the digital age, however, companies are finally reducing paper waste by sending e-mails and creating digital documents instead.

Business cards are now following suit, and Doorway demonstrates how digital business cards can be used to download important contact information onto any mobile device. This significantly reduces paper waste in your organisation, while also ensuring that you and your employees can easily be contacted by your customers and business partners in an instant. Making use of digital solutions means that information can be stored without the need to compromise the environment.

Recycle computer waste

The digital age has numerous perks when it comes to improving the productivity and efficiency of businesses. But as digital technologies continue to evolve, businesses end up disposing of old computer parts to make way for new electronic upgrades.

Unfortunately, electronic wastes contain toxic substances that are harmful to the environment and to people, so it’s critical for businesses to follow proper method according to our article entitled What Are The Benefits of Server Disposal Process. By investing in a proper disposal process for electronic wastes, businesses can ensure that internal chips will be shredded without releasing harmful substances. On top of that, crucial company data can also be properly deleted as a part of the process.

Reduce plastic production

Numerous plastic containers have a single-use nature, making them very challenging to repurpose. Since they cannot be recycled easily by users, the majority of these containers end up in landfills, waste streams, lands, and oceans.

The Guardian revealed that sachets, cigarette butts, and plastic bottles are among the top plastic wastes found littering in natural environments. As such, Break Free From Plastic’s global campaign coordinator Emma Priestland urged businesses to halt plastic production. Furthermore, Priestland states that companies must promote reusing systems to provide products to consumers without the need for single-use containers.

Given the current state of the environment, businesses need to take immediate action when it comes to managing their waste. You can start this process by working with IT Recycle in disposing your computers safely. Our experts can maintain the security of your company data, while preparing every computer for upcycling and/or proper disposal.

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