Environmental and Social Impact of Mobile phones

Environmental and Social Impact of Mobile phones

Researchers have found that smartphones and data centres are causing damage to the environment.  Building a phone utilizes various irreplaceable elements of nature like gold, lithium, etc. Whenever a new phone comes on the market, people switch their old phones without recycling the old ones. This creates unsustainability in nature and disturbs the ecosystem. Researchers have found that by the year 2040, the tech industry will be producing the highest carbon footprint.

The research was conducted when the scientists and researchers analyzed the carbon emission of devices such as tablets, computers, and laptops. All the data centres and information communication technology (ICT) are also contributors to increased carbon footprints. The need of the hour is to understand the harmful impacts of the devices on the environment and ecosystem.

When smartphones are produced, they emit a big amount of energy. This energy in bulk is the cause of higher carbon emissions in the environment. So, instead of buying a new phone, it is better to drop it for a repair. Buying a new phone without disposing of the old one causes an increase in the E-wastes. It is always suggested to recycle the mobile phones before spending money on new ones. Around 1% of mobile phones are recycled, and greenhouse emissions will be lower if this percentage increases.

When the mobile phone is on charging or when you talk, a lot of energy gets emitted into the atmosphere. No doubt, the way we are using smartphones can harm the environment. Each year subsequently a new mobile phone is manufactured. With its invention, a lot of energy gets emitted in nature.


Recycling and Recovering

People throw their mobile phones and old gadgets in the trash bin. Before throwing it in the garbage, isn’t it better to recover the recyclable components? In such an easy life, we have stopped taking care of the environment. Mobile Phones and gadgets continuously increase the greenhouse effect, and the land is still getting contaminated. It is all because no one understands the effects of these Electronic gadgets and their wastes on the ecosystem.




Mobile phones and other electronic devices are made of some precious metals such as gold, etc. When certain minerals are extracted from the earth, they leave some toxic that mix with air and water to contaminate it. Moreover, always remaining busy on smartphones makes you anti-social. You can even miss out on some important conversation, so it is better to minimize your phone usage.

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce









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